Technical FAQ: Mystery noises from water bottle bosses.

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  • Published Jun. 25, 2002
  • Updated Nov. 23, 2009 at 11:59 PM EDT

More feedback on mystery noises.

Reading your tech column about ticking noises coming from the “bottom bracket” area brings back memories of solving mysterious noises on a customer’s titanium frame about 15 years ago.  This customer brought in his Sandvik-made Ti frame with the mysterious noise. He was sure it was the bottom bracket. That’s what we thought too.

Removal of the bottom bracket, grease-on-threads, nice tight reinstall and noise problem solved? At least in the parking lot it was. After a long ride, he was back. A Phil Wood bottom bracket replacing the Shimano UN-50 and problem solved – in the parking lot.  He was back.  After spending a lot of time trying different things, I tightened the riveted-in water bottle bosses and problem solved!
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