Gusev wins atop Grimselpass, Efimkin holds Swiss lead

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  • Published Jun. 22, 2007

By Anthony Tan,

Gusev also earned himself a part on the Tour squad with this one.

Photo: Agence France Presse – 2007

Atop the dizzying heights of the Grimselpass, 2614 meters above the sea, Discovery Channel’s Vladimir Gusev emerged out of the mist, and after a 120-kilometer break, to claim the seventh leg of Tour de Suisse.

It sure beats the tire you won at last week’s local crit, eh?

Photo: Agence France Presse – 2007

A distant second was Predictor-Lotto’s popular American Chris Horner, two minutes in arrears, while Astana’s Andreas Klöden finished 2:37 back to round out the top three.

Victory for 24-year-old Gusev came after he instigated a three-man escape less than 10 kilometers into the stage, on a day that contained three of the biggest climbs in the country.

“It was my directeur-sportif Dirk Demol that gave me the advice to go into a break,” said Gusev, Demol later confirming the Russian’s ride Friday guarantees him a spot at the Tour de France.

“Gusev was very aggressive from the start of today’s stage and I encouraged him all day long,” said Discovery’s other director at the tour, Laurenzo Lapage. “Once he was in the front on the final climb I made sure he gauged his effort properly, because the climb was very long and became steeper at the top.”

“It was a little strange, though,” said Gusev, “because on the last climb, I never gave 100 percent – I never had to go into the red.”

And it seems if you’re Russian and your first name’s Vladimir, Switzerland’s a good place to be.

The non-threatening break proved the perfect scenario for race leader Vladmir Efimkin: it neutralized any dangerous moves from those closest to him on the overall classification, and allowed his Caisse d’Epargne team-mates to set the speed all the way to the line. “It looked like it was a quiet day for us but my team-mates had to do a big job, which they did very well,” praised Efimkin.

Largely aided by Vladimir Karpets (yet another Vladimir) throughout the day, Efimkin finished the stage in ninth position, 4:15 behind Gusev. Interestingly, despite no fireworks back in the bunch, the riders previously placed second and third overall lost their positions to T-Mobile’s Kim Kirchen and Karpets himself, who now trail the maillot jaune by 24 and 30 seconds respectively.

Asked why he thought there were no attacks until the final kilometer, Efimkin again alluded to the work of his team: “Because the pace dictated by my team-mates was so high, the others weren’t able to.”

With Unibet’s Matteo Carrara, early race leader Frank Schleck of Team CSC, and Lampre-Fondital’s Damiano Cunego also within a minute of the leader, it appears that the final classification won’t be decided till the time trial two days from now – which is probably what the race organizers hoped would happen.

On paper, Schleck is probably the favorite. But Efimkin says if he’s still wearing the same colored maillot come Sunday’s 33.4 kilometer TT in Bern – a likely scenario – then the 25 year-old will ride with the special powers that the Golden Fleece brings. Or so he hopes…

“I think I’ll have the jersey after tomorrow; it’s a relatively easy stage,” Efimkin said. “But if I keep the jersey, then I’ll race the time trial on a higher level, because I’m then in a situation to defend the maillot jaune; Schleck may be the favorite, but I will do more than I am normally capable of.”

Asked about his chances of riding the Tour de France, which his twin brother Alexander will be riding for Barloworld, Efimkin said probably not this year, but maybe one day in the not-too-distant future, where he hopes they’ll ride together. “It would be a dream to ride in the same ProTour team and ride the same races,” he said.

Class, define tension
Naturally, with the queen stage of the 71st Tour de Suisse dawning upon the peloton Friday morning, there was an air of tension surrounding Ulrichen at half-past midday: little was stirring at the village departe, the weather was a cool 64 Fahrenheit (18C), and riders weren’t keen to talk, preferring to take shelter in their team buses, or warm up before tackling the first of the three sizeable ascents.

Just before the first climb of the Furka Pass, Discovery Channel’s Vladmir Gusev attacked, almost immediately breaking the peloton into several pieces. Predictor-Lotto’s Chris Horner and Lampre-Fondital’s Marzio Bruseghin decided to join him, as a chase group of roughly 20 riders formed behind them, containing all the principal favorites.

By the top of the 2346 meter summit, 58 seconds separated the trio from the first chase group containing Andreas Klöden and Daniel Navarro Garcia (Astana), Beat and Markus Zberg (Gerolsteiner), Patrice Halgand (Cridit Agricole), Steve Zampieri (Cofidis) and yesterday’s escape artist, Laurens Ten Dam (Unibet); two minutes behind them was the groupe maillot jaune.

On the long descent to Wassen, Beat Zberg and Zampieri bridged to the front group to make a handy five, with two groups in between them and the groupe maillot jaune, now 1:39 in arrears. The additional firepower up front made a difference: after 46 kilometers, the quintet extended their lead to a shade under three minutes.

Sensing a now-or-never chase, Klöden and three others bridged the gap on the second ascent of the Sustenpass, catching the front five midway up the climb. Two kilometers later, when Ten Dam and the other Zberg brother also came across, the lead group now numbered 11. By this stage, the groupe maillot jaune was now trailing by a significant 4:40, and was losing riders as those at the head upped the ante, but Efimkin and his team-mates didn’t panic; with Klöden the most dangerous, 6:21 behind at the start of the day, they didn’t need to.

Another long descent to Innertkirchen before the final rise up the Grimsel Pass proved handy for AG2R’s Martin Elminger, who used plenty of grinta to bomb the downhill and open a half-minute advantage 27 clicks from the finish. Four kilometers later, Beat Zberg and Gusev were hot on his heels, as the three began what would be a race of attrition.

At 23 to go, Gusev decided to go it alone, leaving Elminger and Zberg in his wake. Another four kilometers and the Russian was a minute ahead of Zberg, 1:45 on a group containing Klöden , Elminger, Navarro Garcia, Horner, Bruseghin and Zampieri, and 5:34 in front of the groupe maillot jaune.

14 kilometers from the line, Horner chose to launch his own chase, going after Zberg and Gusev, the former he caught and passed a kilometer up the road, and the latter now within two minutes’ reach. Meanwhile, back in the groupe maillot jaune, with no-one ahead of him much of a threat, race leader Efimkin remained cool as a cucumber, evenly paced by three of his Caisse d’Epargne team-mates.

With 10 kilometers remaining, it was clear Horner wasn’t going to catch Gusev unless he fell off the roadside, the gap between the two stabilizing at around two minutes; behind them, the Klöden group had reduced to three, Bruseghin and Zberg his only company.

Gusev had no problems holding on to take the stage, 2:02 in ahead of Horner and 2:37 in front of Klöden and Bruseghin, who finished together. However, he did have problems when he crossed the line, slamming on the brakes and diving over his bars, but put his arms and hands out just in time to stage a recovery worthy of an Olympic gymnast.

“I simply hit the brakes too hard and too fast – it was stupid,” said Gusev, slightly embarrassed by his forward somersault that almost ended in a handstand.

Back in the groupe maillot jaune, a few last-ditch efforts were made by Efimkin’s rivals in the final kilometer, though it was nothing significant, with Kirchen stealing six seconds from the Russian and finding himself second overall by the day’s end.

The road ahead – Although nothing like Friday’s profile, Saturday’s eighth stage still counts as a mountain stage of sorts, but more than likely, not one for those high on the overall classification.

Starting at the base of the climb to the Grimselpass, the peloton leaves Innertkirchen to embark on a lumpy 152.5 kilometer journey, first due to east to Fribourg then south to Schwarzee for the final 31.5 kilometers, traversing across the mid-section of the Swiss countryside. The day ends with two small categorized climbs, the last Cat. 3 to Schwarzee somewhat of a mountain-top finish, so those who saved their biscuits by hitching a ride in Friday’s autobus will no doubt try their luck tomorrow.

1. Vladimir Gusev (Rus), Discovery, at 3:53:50 (32.254 kph)
2. Christopher Horner (USA), Predictor-Lotto, at 2:02
3. Andreas Klöden (G), Astana, at 2:37
4. Marzio Bruseghin (I), Lampre-Fondital
5. Beat Zberg (Swi), Gerolsteiner, at 3:00
6. Kim Kirchen (Lux), T-Mobile, at 4:09
7. Vladimir Karpets (Rus), Caisse d’Epargne, at 4:15
8. Damiano Cunego (I), Lampre-Fondital
9. Vladimir Efimkin (Rus), Caisse d’Epargne
10. Matteo Carrara (I), Unibet, at 4:20Overall
1. Vladimir Efimkin (Rus), Caisse d’Epargne 25:55:08
2. Kim Kirchen (Lux), T-Mobile 0:24
3. Vladimir Karpets (Rus), Caisse d’Epargne 0:30
4. Matteo Carrara (I), Unibet 0:31
5. Frank Schleck (Lux), CSC 0:33
6. Damiano Cunego (I), Lampre-Fondital 0:57
7. Stijn Devolder (B), Discovery 2:02
8. Gilberto Simoni (I), Saunier Duval 2:03
9. Gerrit Glomser (A), Volksbank 2:04
10. Jose Angel Gomez Marchante (Sp), Saunier Duval 2:06

Photo Gallery



1. Vladimir Gusev (Rus), Discovery, at 3:53:50 (32.254 kph)

2. Christopher Horner (USA), Predictor-Lotto, at 2:02

3. Andreas Klöden (G), Astana, at 2:37

4. Marzio Bruseghin (I), Lampre-Fondital

5. Beat Zberg (Swi), Gerolsteiner, at 3:00

6. Kim Kirchen (Lux), T-Mobile, at 4:09

7. Vladimir Karpets (Rus), Caisse d'Epargne, at 4:15

8. Damiano Cunego (I), Lampre-Fondital

9. Vladimir Efimkin (Rus), Caisse d'Epargne

10. Matteo Carrara (I), Unibet, at 4:20

11. Gerrit Glomser (A), Volksbank, at 4:22

12. Gustav Erik Larsson (Swe), Unibet, at 4:27

13. Stijn Devolder (B), Discovery

14. Frank Schleck (Lux), CSC

15. Thomas Dekker (Nl), Rabobank

16. Hubert Dupont (F), Ag2r, at 4:37

17. Juan Manuel Garate (Sp), Quick Step, at 4:44

18. Wim Van Huffel (B), Predictor-Lotto 4:49

19. Matthias Kessler (G), Astana, at 5:03

20. Gilberto Simoni (I), Saunier Duval, at 5:05

21. Rigoberto Uran (Col), Unibet

22. Andrey Mizourov (Kaz), Astana

23. Carlos Sastre Candil (Sp), CSC

24. Maxime Monfort (B), Cofidis, at 5:09

25. Carlos Barredo Llamazales (Sp), Quick Step, at 5:30

26. Laurent Brochard (F), Bouygues Telecom, at 5:38

27. Joaquin Rodriguez Oliver (Sp), Caisse d'Epargne, at 5:42

28. Kevin De Weert (B), Cofidis, at 5:57

29. Patrik Sinkewitz (G), T-Mobile

30. Thomas Lövkvist (Swe), Francaise Des Jeux

31. Simon Gerrans (Aus), Ag2r

32. Marco Marzano (I), Lampre-Fondital

33. Jose Angel Gomez Marchante (Sp), Saunier Duval, at 6:12

34. Michael Albasini (Swi), Liquigas, at 6:20

35. Michael Boogerd (Nl), Rabobank, at 6:59

36. Jens Voigt (G), CSC, at 7:24

37. Alessandro Ballan (I), Lampre-Fondital

38. Lars Ytting Bak (Dk), CSC

39. Kjell Carlström (Fin), Liquigas, at 7:28

40. David Lopez Garcia (Sp), Caisse d'Epargne

41. Sebastien Minard (F), Cofidis, at 7:44

42. Bram Tankink (Nl), Quick Step

43. Sergio Ghisalberti (I), Milram, at 7:58

44. Janez Brajkovic (Slo), Discovery, at 8:19

45. Martin Elmiger (Swi), Ag2r, at 8:35

46. Daniel Navarro Garcia (Sp), Astana

47. Arkaitz Duran Aroca (Sp), Saunier Duval

48. Linus Gerdemann (G), T-Mobile, at 8:49

49. Marcus Burghardt (G), T-Mobile, at 9:07

50. Ivan Mayoz (Sp), Euskaltel – Euskadi

51. Steve Zampieri (Swi), Cofidis, at 9:26

52. Thomas Frei (Swi), Astana, at 9:29

53. Gregory Rast (Swi), Astana, at 9:41

54. Patrice Halgand (F), Credit Agricole, at 10:00

55. Theo Eltink (Nl), Rabobank

56. Benoît Vaugrenard (F), Francaise Des Jeux, at 11:01

57. Xavier Florencio Cabre (Sp), Bouygues Telecom, at 13:12

58. Trent Lowe (Aus), Discovery

59. Ruben Lobato Elvira (Sp), Saunier Duval

60. Cyrille Monnerais (F), Francaise Des Jeux, at 13:23

61. Matthieu Sprick (F), Bouygues Telecom, at 15:21

62. Christophe Riblon (F), Ag2r

63. Pierre Rolland (F), Credit Agricole

64. Dmitry Kozontchuk (Rus), Rabobank, at 16:15

65. Andrea Tonti (I), Quick Step, at 17:40

66. Laurens Ten Dam (Nl), Unibet, at 21:33

67. Markus Zberg (Swi), Gerolsteiner

68. Johannes Fröhlinger (G), Gerolsteiner, at 22:52

69. Ralf Grabsch (G), Milram

70. Luis Pasamontes Rodriguez (Sp), Unibet

71. Erik Zabel (G), Milram

72. Florian Stalder (Swi), Volksbank

73. Andreas Matzbacher (A), Volksbank

74. Patrick Calcagni (Swi), Liquigas

75. Anders Lund (Dk), CSC

76. Murilo Antonio Fischer (Bra), Liquigas

77. Alberto Losada Alguacil (Sp), Caisse d'Epargne

78. David Loosli (Swi), Lampre-Fondital

79. Jose Ivan Gutierrez Palacios (Sp), Caisse d'Epargne

80. Pablo Lastras Garcia (Sp), Caisse d'Epargne

81. Rubens Bertogliati (Swi), Saunier Duval

82. Harald Morscher (A), Volksbank,24:23

83. Pascal Hungerbühler (Swi), Volksbank

84. Daniele Bennati (I), Lampre-Fondital, at 24:37

85. Daniele Righi (I), Lampre-Fondital

86. Juan Jose Oroz Ugalde (Sp), Euskaltel – Euskadi

87. Hubert Schwab (Swi), Quick Step, at 29:37

88. Bart Dockx (B), Predictor-Lotto, at 30:03

89. Sebastian Schwager (G), Milram

90. Marcel Strauss (Swi), Gerolsteiner, at 34:11

91. Fred Rodriguez (USA), Predictor-Lotto, at 34:30

92. Mauro Facci (I), Quick Step, at 39:46

93. Sebastien Hinault (F), Credit Agricole

94. Frederic Guesdon (F), Francaise Des Jeux

95. Fabian Cancellara (Swi), CSC

96. Stefan Schumacher (G), Gerolsteiner

97. Josef Benetseder (A), Volksbank

98. Stuart O’Grady (Aus), CSC

99. Christophe Laurent (F), Credit Agricole

100. Filippo Pozzato (I), Liquigas

101. Jurgen Van Goolen (B), Discovery

102. Volker Ordowski (G), Gerolsteiner

103. Ivan Velasco Murillo (Sp), Euskaltel – Euskadi

104. Michael Schär (Swi), Astana

105. Juan Antonio Flecha Giannoni (Sp), Rabobank

106. Mariusz Witecki (Pol), Volksbank

107. Guido Trenti (USA), Liquigas

108. Yannick Talabardon (F), Credit Agricole

109. Enrico Poitschke (G), Milram

110. William Bonnet (F), Credit Agricole

111. Benoît Poilvet (F), Credit Agricole

112. Victor Hugo Pena Grisales (Col), Unibet

113. Fumiyuki Beppu (Jpn), Discovery

114. Arnaud Labbe (F), Bouygues Telecom

115. Juan Jose Cobo Acebo (Sp), Saunier Duval

116. David Kopp (G), Gerolsteiner

117. Rene Weissinger (G), Volksbank

118. Alexandre Usau (Blr), Ag2r

119. Mirko Celestino (I), Milram

120. Jon Bru Pascal (Sp), Euskaltel – Euskadi

121. Jan Boven (Nl), Rabobank

122. Alessandro Proni (I), Quick Step

123. Carlos Da Cruz (F), Francaise Des Jeux

124. Fernandez De La Puebla Ramos (Sp), Saunier Duval

125. Wim Vansevenant (B), Predictor-Lotto

126. Roger Hammond (GB), T-Mobile

127. Giovanni Bernaudeau (F), Bouygues Telecom

128. Vincent Jerome (F), Bouygues Telecom

129. Aurelien Clerc (Swi), Bouygues Telecom

130. Rene Mandri (Est), Ag2r

131. Gianni Meersman (B), Discovery

132. Maryan Hary (F), Cofidis

133. Tom Criel (B), Unibet

134. Alberto Ongarato (I), Milram

135. Leif Hoste (B), Predictor-Lotto

136. Björn Schröder (G), Milram

137. Cristian Moreni (I), Cofidis

138. Christopher Sutton (Aus), Cofidis

139. Matthew White (Aus), Discovery

140. Francisco Jose Ventoso Alberdi (Sp), Saunier Duval

141. Karsten Kroon (Nl), CSC


1. Vladimir Efimkin (Rus), Caisse d'Epargne 25:55:08

2. Kim Kirchen (Lux), T-Mobile 0:24

3. Vladimir Karpets (Rus), Caisse d'Epargne 0:30

4. Matteo Carrara (I), Unibet 0:31

5. Frank Schleck (Lux), CSC 0:33

6. Damiano Cunego (I), Lampre-Fondital 0:57

7. Stijn Devolder (B), Discovery 2:02

8. Gilberto Simoni (I), Saunier Duval 2:03

9. Gerrit Glomser (A), Volksbank 2:04

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110. Gianni Meersman (B), Discovery 1:19:18

111. Fred Rodriguez (USA), Predictor-Lotto 1:19:32

112. Daniele Righi (I), Lampre-Fondital 1:19:37

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114. Maryan Hary (F), Cofidis 1:22:36

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116. Christophe Laurent (F), Credit Agricole 1:24:00

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118. Mirko Celestino (I), Milram 1:26:12

119. Karsten Kroon (Nl), CSC 1:27:04

120. Matthew White (Aus), Discovery 1:27:06

121. Rene Weissinger (G), Volksbank 1:27:22

122. David Kopp (G), Gerolsteiner 1:28:09

123. Giovanni Bernaudeau (F), Bouygues Telecom 1:28:41

124. Alexandre Usau (Blr), Ag2r 1:29:01

125. Victor Hugo Pena Grisales (Col), Unibet 1:29:29

126. Josef Benetseder (A), Volksbank 1:30:15

127. Francisco Jose Ventoso Alberdi (Sp), Saunier Duval 1:30:18

128. Wim Vansevenant (B), Predictor-Lotto 1:31:51

129. Fumiyuki Beppu (Jpn), Discovery 1:32:31

130. Carlos Da Cruz (F), Francaise Des Jeux 1:32:43

131. Sebastian Schwager (G), Milram 1:33:31

132. Aurelien Clerc (Swi), Bouygues Telecom 1:34:43

133. Benoît Poilvet (F), Credit Agricole 1:37:44

134. Jan Boven (Nl), Rabobank 1:38:21

135. Alberto Ongarato (I), Milram 1:38:28

136. Roger Hammond (GB), T-Mobile 1:38:50

137. Mauro Facci (I), Quick Step 1:39:46

138. Christopher Sutton (Aus), Cofidis, 1:42:31

139. Leif Hoste (B), Predictor-Lotto, 1:42:42

140. Filippo Pozzato (I), Liquigas, 1:43:22

141. Guido Trenti (USA), Liquigas, 1:46:37

Overall Points

1. Daniele Bennati (I), Lampre-Fondital, 60 points

2. Fabian Cancellara (Swi), CSC, 42

3. Erik Zabel (G), Milram, 41

4. Kim Kirchen (Lux), T-Mobile, 30

5. Vladimir Gusev (Rus), Discovery, 25

6. Murilo Antonio Fischer (Bra), Liquigas, 24

7. Stuart O’Grady (Aus), CSC, 24

8. Frank Schleck (Lux), CSC, 23

9. Vladimir Efimkin (Rus), Caisse d'Epargne, 23

10. Matteo Carrara (I), Unibet, 23

11. Damiano Cunego (I), Lampre-Fondital, 22

12. Andreas Klöden (G), Astana, 22

13. William Bonnet (F), Credit Agricole, 22

14. Vladimir Karpets (Rus), Caisse d'Epargne, 21

15. Cristian Moreni (I), Cofidis, 20

16. Xavier Florencio Cabre (Sp), Bouygues Telecom, 19

17. Martin Elmiger (Swi), Ag2r, 18

18. Gilberto Simoni (I), Saunier Duval, 17

19. Jose Angel Gomez Marchante (Sp), Saunier Duval, 17

20. Marcus Burghardt (G), T-Mobile, 17

21. Jose Ivan Gutierrez Palacios (Sp), Caisse d'Epargne, 16

22. Thomas Dekker (Nl), Rabobank, 15

23. Alessandro Proni (I), Quick Step, 15

24. Gerrit Glomser (A), Volksbank, 14

25. Beat Zberg (Swi), Gerolsteiner, 12

26. Christopher Horner (USA), Predictor-Lotto, 12

27. Stefan Schumacher (G), Gerolsteiner, 12

28. Gregory Rast (Swi), Astana, 10

29. Marzio Bruseghin (I), Lampre-Fondital, 9

30. Benoît Vaugrenard (F), Francaise Des Jeux, 8

31. David Kopp (G), Gerolsteiner, 8

32. Matthias Kessler (G), Astana, 7

33. Alberto Ongarato (I), Milram, 7

34. Patrick Calcagni (Swi), Liquigas, 6

35. Sebastien Hinault (F), Credit Agricole, 6

36. Leif Hoste (B), Predictor-Lotto, 6

37. Rigoberto Uran (Col), Unibet, 5

38. Bram Tankink (Nl), Quick Step, 5

39. Rene Weissinger (G), Volksbank, 4

40. Stijn Devolder (B), Discovery, 3

41. Gustav Erik Larsson (Swe), Unibet, 3

42. Linus Gerdemann (G), T-Mobile, 3

43. Andrea Tonti (I), Quick Step, 3

44. Fred Rodriguez (USA), Predictor-Lotto, 3

45. Wim Van Huffel (B), Predictor-Lotto, 2

46. Juan Antonio Flecha Giannoni (Sp), Rabobank, 2

47. Janez Brajkovic (Slo), Discovery, 1

48. Aurelien Clerc (Swi), Bouygues Telecom, 1

Overall KOM

1. Vladimir Gusev (Rus), Discovery, 42 points

2. Alessandro Proni (I), Quick Step, 38

3. Daniel Navarro Garcia (Sp), Astana, 36

4. Marzio Bruseghin (I), Lampre-Fondital, 34

5. Matteo Carrara (I), Unibet, 25

6. Laurens Ten Dam (Nl), Unibet, 24

7. Christopher Horner (USA), Predictor-Lotto, 18

8. Luis Pasamontes Rodriguez (Sp), Unibet, 15

9. Rubens Bertogliati (Swi), Saunier Duval, 13

10. Andreas Klöden (G), Astana, 10

11. Frank Schleck (Lux), CSC, 8

12. Thomas Dekker (Nl), Rabobank, 8

13. Arkaitz Duran Aroca (Sp), Saunier Duval, 8

14. Damiano Cunego (I), Lampre-Fondital, 6

15. Jose Angel Gomez Marchante (Sp), Saunier Duval, 6

16. Patrice Halgand (F), Credit Agricole, 6

17. Kevin De Weert (B), Cofidis, 6

18. Kim Kirchen (Lux), T-Mobile, 5

19. Vladimir Efimkin (Rus), Caisse d'Epargne, 4

20. Hubert Schwab (Swi), Quick Step, 4

21. Carlos Barredo Llamazales (Sp), Quick Step, 4

22. Vladimir Karpets (Rus), Caisse d'Epargne, 3

23. Andrea Tonti (I), Quick Step, 2

24. Beat Zberg (Swi), Gerolsteiner, 2

25. Gerrit Glomser (A), Volksbank, 1

26. Florian Stalder (Swi), Volksbank, 1

27. Enrico Poitschke (G), Milram, 1

28. Bart Dockx (B), Predictor-Lotto, 1


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