VeloNews Photo Contest: A new winner and a new gallery

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  • Published Aug. 20, 2007
VeloNews Photo Contest: A new winner and a new gallery


Our latest reader-submitted Photo Gallery is now ready for your viewing pleasure. Of course, a new gallery also means the naming of the winner of our most recent contest.

Sorting through this last round of images, we found ourselves checking back in with Beki Titus Waisath’s “The sky’s the limit . . . or is it?” Check it out. The picture is not only in a beautiful setting, it leaves you wondering… wondering about what’s over the horizon and what’s around the next corner.

Beki, please drop us a note at Rosters@InsideInc.comto work out the details and we’ll send you a copy of our new Coors Classic DVD.

Meanwhile, go ahead and take a look at our latest gallery, decide what you like and let us know what you think by dropping a note to

Please note that we’re now using a new system for photo submissions. CLICKHERE TO SUBMIT YOUR PHOTO for our next round.

IMPORTANT NOTE: – We have noticed several incomplete uploads from many of you. One problem is that the system does not accept file names that contain non-alphanumeric characters. In other words, do not upload a file that contains characters that are not numbers or part of the alphabet. We are certain that !,#)(‘&0^%]}* and other non-alphanumeric characters won’t work. The system will not process images with any of them in the name of the file.

Also please be certain that your image has uploaded before closing the window.

Finally, read the rules before you submit an entry to our contest.

Contest Rules and answers to common questions
Readers are invited to submit one photo in JPG format each week to files should be titled in a way that briefly describes the content of the image.Please properly credit the actual photographer.Photo submissions may include any topic related to cycling, with a particular emphasis on competitive cycling.Photos do not have to be timely, but they do need represent some aspect of cycling.Contestants agree to submit only photos they themselves have taken.Submission of plagiarized material may result in a contestant being banned from further weekly contests.Submission of a photo is no guarantee that it will be posted and only images posted in our weekly gallery are eligible for prizes.Decisions of the judges are final.By submitting a photo, contestants agree to grant one-time rights to for the display of photos in a web gallery that may remain posted for as long as deems appropriate.In addition to the regular weekly gallery, photo submissions may be posted in a separate event-specific gallery.Weekly winners also agree to allow the reposting of the winning photo in at least one story regarding the contest and possible use in a summary gallery of weekly winners.All other ownership rights remain the property of the photographer.

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