Outdoor Demo Day 2 – A Zinn’s Eye View

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  • Published Sep. 27, 2007

By Lennard Zinn

Specialized founder and president Mike Sinyard, along with trusted colleagues Chris D’Alusio, Don Langley, and …


A perfect weather day yesterday ended with a road ride back to the stripwith three friends from SRAM, and today started for me with a ride backout to the Outdoor Demo at Boulder City’s Bootleg Canyon.

A good champagne dousing awaited the six riders after their 600-mile, 5-day odyssey. Reidy said, “at times, wi …


After 5-10 minutesof standing around, I took off with maybe 100 other riders for the annualTourof Lake Mead, formerly known as The Hangover Ride. Still cool, verywindy and hilly, this 24-mile out-and-back offers some great views andcan offer a punishing pace at the front.

I may have gotten a great warmup to riding mountain bikes at the pre-Interbikedemo, but before I got to ride my first bike of the day, Team Specializedrode in from a really good warmup.

Tire Balls as packaged, 30 per tire, pre-inflated. Currently, they are only made for downhill tires.


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