Compton switches to Shimano

  • By Steve Frothingham
  • Published Dec. 12, 2008
  • Updated Dec. 13, 2008 at 9:42 PM EDT

By Steve Frothingham

Compton to Shimano: Compton’s bike outside her Kansas City hotel room Friday night.

Photo: Brad Kaminski

Just days before she attempts to win her fifth national cyclocross title, Katie Compton and her husband/mechanic Mark Legg have decided to switch from a hodge podge of Shimano and Campagnolo drivetrain components to a new set of Dura-Ace 7900 shifters and derailleurs.

As discussed in a article last week, Compton does still not have a shifter sponsor and bought the parts for her two U.S. race bikes at a Colorado retail store. She plans to buy three more sets of the Dura-Ace parts for the bikes she keeps in Europe.

Compton to Shimano: Enduro is a Compton sponsor.

Photo: Brad Kaminski

Compton said she decided she preferred the shifting accuracy and comfort of the Shimano levers to Campy. She has long preferred the Campy parts in part because the Italian parts run the shifter cables under the handlebar tape. The new 7900 group is the first Shimano group to do the same.

She is finding the Shimano levers are easier to use in heavy gloves and in bumpy terrain.

Compton said she was not concerned about adjusting to the different shifting method because she has used Shimano parts extensively, including for six years when she piloted a tandem for a blind competitor.

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