Technical FAQ: Campagnolo carbon crank repair

  • By Lennard Zinn
  • Published Sep. 9, 2009
  • Updated Aug. 29, 2010 at 10:41 PM EDT

Question: I bought a Ridley bike four years ago with Campy Record. Recently when I was changing pedals an insert in the crank arm came out along with the pedal. The local shop contacted Campy and was told that this was not a repairable part and the cranks have a three-year warranty. Is there an alternative to buying a new crank set? This appears to be an easy enough fix with a new threaded insert.


Dear Robert,

I can’t see how you’d repair that in such a way that it could withstand the huge loads that spot sees constantly. I suppose you could contact Calfee or someone else who does carbon repairs, but I would not hold out a lot of hope.


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Lennard Zinn

Lennard Zinn

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