Armstrong, Eatough Race in Texas Mudfest

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  • Published Feb. 1, 2010
  • Updated Oct. 11, 2012 at 5:09 PM EDT


Mud from the Miles of Discomfort marathon race in Comfort, Texas added 10 pounds to Armstrong's 22-pound Trek Top Fuel 9.9 SSL.

Not-so-surprising news out of Comfort, Texas on Saturday: Lance Armstrong came in first at the Miles of DisComfort marathon mountain bike race.

The cooler, more under-the-radar tidbit is who came in fourth; another cycling legend, albeit known more to core rider-types — Chris Eatough.

The two heavyweights who’ve made their careers on Trek bikes rode the 52-mile race in muddy conditions. Armstrong said in a Twitter message that before the race his Top Fuel 9.9 SSL weighed 22 pounds; afterwards it was 32 pounds due to mud.

“Hard as hell,” Armstrong said, noting the ice that later thawed into mud. “Conditions were crazy.”

Armstrong finished in 4hrs 28mins 02secs, 11:16 ahead of Bryan Fawley. Eatough was at 4:44:58. Fawley finished second to Jeremy Horgan-Kobelski at the Mellow Johnny’s Classic, which was held last November on Armstrong’s ranch. Armstrong flatted and DNF’d.

Eatough, a six-time 24-hour solo world champion, retired in 2009 after dominating endurance and marathon racing for ten years. He was the subject of the full-length film 24 Solo, which told the story of his bid for a seventh-consecutive 24-hour Solo World Championship. Along with testing product for Trek and running a coaching business, Eatough works for a cycling advocacy group.

As for Armstrong, he dropped out of the Miles of DisComfort in 2008, the year before his official un-retirement from cycling, with about 10 miles to go because of leg cramps.

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