Q&A: Willow Koerber

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  • Published Dec. 7, 2010
  • Updated Oct. 11, 2012 at 5:00 PM EDT

Willow Koerber after earning a bronze medal at the 2009 MTB World Championships. She repeated the medal in 2010. Photo by Frank Bodenmueller

In mid-season 2010, Willow Koerber’s team Subaru-Gary Fisher morphed into Subaru-Trek. The Subaru-Fisher team raced exclusively on 29ers. The move to Subaru-Trek, which owns the Fisher brand, was a function of the company’s repositioning of the Fisher line into the Gary Fisher Collection of bikes, the staple of which is 29ers.

The move from the Subaru-Trek squad to Trek World Racing will mean a variety of changes for Koerber, including bikes and a race schedule that focuses on World Cups, mountain bike world championships and, ultimately, the 2012 Olympics in London.

Following the announcement that Koerber will race for Trek World Racing for the next two years, we had a few more questions to ask of Willow: Obviously there is still the Trek/Fisher connection as far as equipment, particularly 29ers, now that Trek has rolled the Fisher line under the larger Trek mothership. Will you stay exclusively on the big wheels as a member of Trek World Racing or will you have the option for 26ers?

Willow Koerber: I will have options for bikes depending on the course and my mood. I am testing different bikes right now. It sounds like you are really focusing on the World Cup and, ultimately, the Olympics (actually, that’s been your goal the last couple of years, correct?). Will you be contesting the domestic – Pro XCT – races this year? Or will you be doing more non-World Cup UCI racing in Europe?

WK: I will not be doing any domestic races except for the U.S. National Championships; just World Cups, the test event in London (summer 2011), one South African national race the weekend before the World Cup (2011 season opener April 23-24 in Pietermaritzburg) and the world championships. How does the move to Trek World Racing play into the 2012 Olympics?

WK: It is essential for me to be able to focus on the World Cups so I can reach the top step of the podium at the world championships and the Olympics. Throughout my career it has been helpful to race domestically, just to get the races in my legs and learn how to deal with the pressure of performing. Now that I have the opportunity to race less, I intend on racing faster! It has all lined up for me, and I intend to make the most of it.


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