Animal ‘Best Dressed’ at 2010 SSWC

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  • Published Feb. 19, 2011
  • Updated Oct. 11, 2012 at 5:00 PM EDT

Kiwi Tim Stanton won the best-dressed award for racing his SS dressed as Animal. Photo courtesy SSWC Rotorua

Ya have to be an animal to ride a singlespeed, so it’s no surprise that Animal won the “Best Dressed Award” from the 2010 Singlespeed World Championships.

Yes, Kiwi Tim Stanton won the award for racing his SS dressed as Animal, the drummer in the Muppet’s house band. OK, perhaps it’s a little late, as the 2010 SSWC happened last October in Rotorua, New Zealand, but it’s a good enough reason to check out the photo gallery ran last fall.

“One of the outstanding aspects of the event were all the incredible costumes, with people really getting into the true spirit of singlespeeding,” said Rotorua Singlespeed Society (RSSS) president Gaz Sullivan.

Check out the gallery here

And check out the 10 (plus a couple of more) Best-Dressed finalists here

The 2010 Singlespeed World Championships saw more than 900 riders from 30 countries, with Rotorua local Garth Weinberg winning the men’s title, which included the famous SSWC tattoo.. Australian  Heather Logie earned herself the women’s tat.


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