Garmin power meters: They’re coming…

  • By Ben Delaney
  • Published Jun. 14, 2011

Garmin’s pedal-based power meter will be out this fall, Garmin told VeloNews.

BOULDER, Colo. (VN) — Last year Garmin bought MetriGear, a small company that had been developing a pedal spindle-based power meter. Garmin has rechristened the product Vector, which works wirelessly with an ANT+ signal.

The new 610 is Garmin's top-shelf GPS running watch that also incorporates several pieces of cycling information. Despite being ANT+, however, it does not display wattage info. Later this fall, Garmin will unveil a watch that does do power, with a slimmer profile than the current (bulky) Forerunner.

Garmin spokesman Justin McCarthy said the Vector is able to generate new types of power feedback, such as left/right differential from each pedal, out-of-the-saddle versus in-the-saddle power and more.

As to what brand of pedal Vector would be available on, McCarthy and Garmin were mum. Garmin-Cervélo pro riders were spotted riding Exustar pedals earlier this year, but McCarthy declined to comment on whether Exustar and Vector are related.

Garmin makes a number of cycling computers that can display power information from another company’s power meter. In addition to the Edge series of handlebar-mounted computers, Garmin also makes a Forerunner watch that picks up a power signal.

In the meantime, some new watches

The new 610 GPS watch incorporates running and cycling information. It’s an ANT+ device, but does not pick up a power signal. A new watch that does give power read-outs from a third-party power meter is in the works. Look for that this fall.

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