Interbike tech: Road finds at the Outdoor Demo

  • By Caley Fretz
  • Published Sep. 13, 2011

The drive to Dirt Demo day 2 was not promising. But after gathering stories all morning in the pouring rain, the weather broke just in time for Nick and I to go inside and file them. Perfect. Photo: Caley Fretz © VeloNews

BOULDER CITY, Nev. (VN) — Interbike 2011 is shaping up to be one of evolution rather than revolution. We’re seeing tweaks and improvements left and right, but a dearth of truly new product. Perhaps that will change once the show moves inside Wednesday.

Consistent with the theme of evolution, take a look at the latest wheels (deep and shallow) from Reynolds, a crop of shiny new shoes from Vittoria, the final production-ready iteration of the BMC Impec, and two new high-value Look-compatible pedals from Xpedo. All of the above feature welcome improvements, and are either modifications on existing product or are filling a hole in their respective company’s product line.

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Caley Fretz

Caley Fretz

Senior Editor Caley Fretz can be found chasing races along the backroads of Europe or testing bikes and gear in the mountains outside Boulder, Colorado. If you can't find him there, check the coffee shop across from VN World Headquarters.

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