Carbon repair: Options for repairing carbon bike frames

  • By Caley Fretz
  • Published Oct. 24, 2011
  • Updated Jul. 10, 2013 at 10:23 AM EDT
After KirkLee finish work.

Carbon Bike Repair

Melbourne, Australia

Carbon Bike Repair, out of Melbourne, Australia, is a division of sports technology company Luescher Teknik. Raoul Luescher built his first carbon frame in 1992, and has 20 years of experience in aerospace composites.

Carbon Bike Repair offers some of the most advanced inspection techniques anywhere, including ultrasound scanning and the use of dye penetrant. They also use a fiberscope, which allows them to visually inspect the inside of your frame.

Response to the frame:
Despite the time difference, Raoul was among the first to respond to our inquiry. Like others, he cautioned that an accurate quote could not be achieved through a photo alone:

As you can imagine it is very difficult to quote on this without fully knowing the extent of the damage. We use ultrasound scans as used in aerospace repair to determine the damage area. I have seen quite a few frames with similar looking damage where the majority of the top tube was delaminated, which would probably have been missed without the ultrasound scan.

I also would recommend at least a basic clear coat finish with UV inhibitors to protect the new material from environmental exposure and breakdown of the resin over time.

With this in mind, if the damage is confined to what is shown visually in the photo the repair would typically cost approximately $350 with a clear-coat finish.

Carbon Bike Solutions

Great Britain
Owner Darren Bancroft’s years of experience in the motorsport and aerospace industries are now being put to good use building and repairing carbon frames out of his central England workshop.

Carbon Bike Solutions focuses on repairs and some finish work, though they send major paint refurbs elsewhere.

Response to the frame:
Bancroft kept his response brief, writing, “I can repair this for £150 plus return postage.”

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