Everything you wanted to know about riding and setting up Campagnolo’s Electronic Power Shift group

  • By Lennard Zinn
  • Published Nov. 8, 2011
  • Updated Nov. 9, 2011 at 9:21 AM EDT
Valentino Campagnolo with the Super Record EPS-equipped Pinarello I rode. Photo: Lennard Zinn © VeloNews

Valentino Campagnolo with the Super Record EPS-equipped Pinarello I rode. Photo: Lennard Zinn © VeloNews

LINGUAGLOSSA, Italy (VN) — While many would say that Campagnolo’s launch of its 11-speed Electronic Power Shift was too long in coming (after all, the company has been working on electric shifting since 1992), I think the press-launch ride on the system on Tuesday came three days too early.

Wouldn’t it have been cool to have started the ride at 11:11 am on 11/11/11?

Oh well; it was an opportunity of a lifetime missed, but the system is crisp, quick, and precise —everything one could really want in a bicycle drivetrain.

After playing around with adjusting and checking the system at a golf club on the flanks of 11,000-foot Mount Etna, I went on a gorgeous ride on a Super Record EPS-equipped, Campagnolo EPS-branded Pinarello Dogma covering 51km of up and down roads on the north side of Italy’s highest peak south of the Alps and Europe’s tallest active volcano (My ride data on Garmin Connect ). The ride was exquisite, consisting of lightly-traveled, curving, climbing, and descending roads in very good condition, and the rain held off until just after stopping. The fact that the EPS system performed flawlessly — save for two small improvements I would like to see (see below) — was the icing on the cake.

First of all, I want to correct a statement I made in Monday’s post that was misleading. I said that Campagnolo “will be shipping groups for sale next month — in December,” but the December ship date is only for groups going to OEMs (i.e., to complete-bike manufacturers). EPS groups will not be available for sale in the aftermarket until springtime.

On to the riding test on the next page!

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