Quick Look: Michelin Pro4 Service Course tires

  • By Caley Fretz
  • Published Nov. 30, 2011
  • Updated Oct. 30, 2014 at 9:50 AM EDT

Michelin’s new Pro4 series tires are built on the same 110tpi casing as the venerable and exceedingly popular Pro3, but with a few important changes.

Using technology trickling down from their MotoGP tires, which have seen millions of dollars spent on development, Michelin says it’s created a tire that not only corners better and rolls faster, but is also more durable. The secret lies in a new, more pointed profile, which comes directly from MotoGP racing.

According to Michelin, the new profile, which creates a sharper angle from tread center to sidewall, allows the tire to lean quicker into corners and offers a larger contact patch once on its side. Grip is said to be increased 13 percent, and cornering speed in the wet by 16 percent. On Michelin’s circular test track, lean angle in the wet could be increased from 21˚ to 27.5˚ before slipping.

A new dual-compound tread has a harder center than before, increasing wear life. And a nylon breaker beneath that tread improves resistance to cuts and punctures.

Claimed weight is 200 grams for a 700x23c, and our set came in at 199 and 198 grams on the scale.

We’ll be putting Michelin’s claims to the test over the next few months. Check back for a full review.

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Caley Fretz

Caley Fretz

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