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What’s Going on in The Off-Season with Judy Freeman

Get a job

Now that the race schedule has relaxed, it’s back to getting a job that pays for my job. I usually cobble together full and part-time office work across the season to feed the machine. It proves trickier by the year to find a job suited for life as a cyclist. I’m still looking for the post advertising a job with long lunch rides, low hours, high pay that contributes to world peace.

It being imperative to keep the feet up and rested when not on the bike makes customer service difficult. It seems that remaining seated while giving a nodding point in the needed direction won’t win you any gold stars with employers. Even if you do add, “Have a nice day.”

This is a shame as I’m also banking on the Employee of the Month award to earn a company car and parking spot. Methinks my skill set is more suited for management.