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What’s Going on in The Off-Season with Judy Freeman

A WII bit of thanks

And no November is complete without Thanksgiving. The day’s ride was rescheduled to ready the house for 20 relatives and four visiting dogs that terrorized the two cats – or the two animals more commonly referred to as “The Filth.” Normally the sporadically-friendly duo skulks around the house only leaving black hair crop-circles to suggest they exist. But on Thursday, there were black comet sightings with chasing canine tails all over the place. Thus began the season of miracles.

I did eventually get in some bike time at about 10pm on the Wii cycling game. I’m certain my experience as a pro cyclist is what supported me in crushing my brother. Finally the years of sacrifice have paid off.

And that’s the wrap up. Now it’s on to December and then the New Year…