Quick Look: Kenda Kountach Tires

  • By Logan VonBokel
  • Published Feb. 27, 2012
  • Updated May. 3, 2013 at 4:07 PM EDT

Kenda’s product development team places their new lightweight race clincher, the Kountach (yes, like the old Lamborghini super car), at the very top of their clincher range. At first glance the tires bear a striking resemblance to the Maxxis Xenith, with its mostly smooth tread. There are no deep tread patterns, only a minimal change in rubber roughness from the center to the shoulders of the tread. At 201 grams this 23c tire is on the lightweight end of racing rubber, and the 120 TPI casing falls in line with most of the race-oriented clinchers on the market today.

What Kenda says separates the Kountach from their other tires is the “Iron Cloak” flat protection, which only resides beneath the tread and not the entire casing as with some of their other tires. This is intended to give the tire a much more supple feel, while still giving the rider some peace of mind. This new technology, for Kenda, was tested and designed in part by the Kenda Pro Cycling team.

Out of the box, the tires are simple enough to the eye. They come in a variety of colors including white, green, red and all black. The more colorful options simply add a bit of auxiliary color on the shoulders of the tread, keeping the overall look relatively subtle. The white version we have in adds a nice bit of flair, though I do find the candy green a bit too eye-catching for my taste.

For some reason, Kenda has printed a “Dry Pavement” logo right next to an “All Weather” logo on the packaging. When we asked about this their product developer assured us that the tires are a fantastic all weather tire, and they handle the wet better than most of their other products. So the “Dry Pavement” logo appears to be superfluous, rather than a recommendation to keep the tires away from wet weather.

We will be testing the tires’ capabilities over the next few months. Check back to see how the Kountach really measures up.

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Logan VonBokel

Logan VonBokel

Equally at home on a mountain bike above treeline and chasing down moves in the heat and humidity of a Midwest criterium, Logan Vonbokel is something of an oddity in cycling. Since he first swung a leg over a road bike as a freshman in high school, Logan has been a lover of both cutting-edge technological innovations and the clean lines of classic handmade bikes. Logan joined the tech team in May 2012, bringing with him nearly a decade of high-caliber road racing experience and his undying love for the mud, cowbells, and culture of cyclocross. Logan still races at the Cat. 2 level on the road and in cyclocross, and carries a seldom-used Cat. 1 mountain bike license.

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