Tour Pro Bike: Bradley Wiggins’ Pinarello Dogma2 — a bike that flies

  • By Caley Fretz
  • Published Jul. 16, 2012

PAU, France (VN) — Sky mechanics wouldn’t say a word about the technical problem Bradley Wiggins had near the start of Monday’s 15th stage, but something certainly went wrong. The maillot jaune chucked this bike into a field and grabbed a new one before being paced back onto the main group inside the first 15km.

Like the rest of his Sky squad, Wiggins rides a Pinarello Dogma2 with Shimano Di2, Shimano wheels, Shimano cockpit and a Fizik saddle. But his bike has a few small personal touches that set it apart from the regular Sky team bikes. And it’s covered in yellow, of course.

Wiggins rides Speedplay Zero pedals with longer axles, increasing his Q-factor. He matches them up with a pair of Bont Zero shoes drilled for 4-bolt Speedplay cleats, eliminating the need for an adapter plate. Most of the Sky squad is on Shimano pedals.

His cranks are 177.5mm long, matching his long, skinny legs.

Wiggins uses O-Symmetric chainrings, which change the effective gear ratio around the pedal stroke, creating a higher gear where a rider can generate the most power. Most of the team is on standard Shimano rings, though Chris Froome is also on the O-Symmetric rings.

A saddle height of 82cm and a reach from saddle tip to bars of 63cm is accommodated with a 60cm Pinarello frame and 140mm stem.

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Caley Fretz

Caley Fretz

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