What a girl wants: Holiday gifts for the female cyclo-phile

  • By Emily Zinn
  • Published Nov. 28, 2012
Feminine graphics and women's-specific cut. Photo courtesy Girl Bike Love

With the holiday cheer come the cold chills of shopping dread. When it comes to fun and novel cycling gifts for ladies, Google searches rarely turn up anything that isn’t glittery, pink and purple or covered in flowers, but there are plenty of items that fit the first description without being the latter. Here are a few items that would appeal to the casual weekend warrioress or the bicycle-obsessed lady who would be unrecognizable to her own family without her helmet.

Girl Bike Love kit >> $75-$95 (jersey), $155 (bibs)

Girl Bike Love is this writer’s favorite by-women-who-ride, for-women-who-ride resource to find out what’s going on in the world of cyclo-femmes and catch up with the girls.

GBL’s kits are going back on sale for a limited-time Christmas run through December 3 (so now’s the chance to buy), deliverable by the holiday.

Wear the colors, because the name says it all. Girl. Bike. Love. The Century Jersey is $75, the Women’s Ascent Jersey runs $95, Women’s Ascent Shorts are available for $110 and Women’s Summit Bib Shorts are $155.

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Emily Zinn

Emily Zinn

Emily Zinn spent her infancy in the back of a women's team van while the team built wheels around her. She spent part of her pre-teen years in Europe following the major European mountain, road and gravity races and touring cycling product factories. College was the first time she lived in a home without a frame building shop in her garage or basement. Her favorite style of riding is getting lost in singletrack trail networks and taking her time finding her way back.

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