Back problems behind her, Katerina Nash has returned to racing

  • By Emily Zinn
  • Published Nov. 10, 2012
  • Updated Nov. 8, 2013 at 11:45 AM EDT
Katerina Nash is back on the bike after addressing some nagging issues with back and leg pain. Photo: Emily Zinn

LOUISVILLE, Kentucky (VN) — After a rough end to the mountain bike season, it seems Luna’s Katerina Nash is coming back to form, and she is feeling strong and pleased to be back on the bike.

Nonetheless, the Czech rider’s form has faltered during her recovery, and she is evaluating her goals for the season accordingly.

Increasingly bothered by a pinched nerve in her back, Nash suffered shooting pains in her right leg during the 2012 world mountain bike championships in Austria. She finished the race, crossing 21st, 7:32 down on winner Julie Bresset of France, but decided to skip the cross-country eliminator and address her physical problems.

“The end of mountain bike season has been rough,” Nash told VeloNews Friday.

Her lower back required conditioning, and she took some time off at the start of cyclocross season to get back to strength. Now her confidence is coming back and she is getting back into the swing of things.

“I had a really good start last weekend, so I’m back to, like, ‘okay, now I’m fired up and I’m actually racing,’” Nash said.

The Luna rider is a favorite for this weekend’s racing at the U.S. Gran Prix of Cyclocross Derby City Cup at Eva Bandman Park, and is expected to have a solid result at worlds, but it isn’t clear yet how well she will be able to perform, given the circumstances.

When asked her goals for worlds, Nash replied, “It’s kind of too early for me to say right now.”

At the moment she’s focused on making the most of what’s left of the season and maximizing her UCI points. Nash plans to compete in a few more U.S. races, including the USGP-concluding Deschutes Brewery Cup on December 8-9, but return to Europe for the six remaining World Cup events.

“My goals are always just to go and do the best,” she said. “I’m going to shape up those goals over the next few weeks and plan the rest of my season.”


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Emily Zinn

Emily Zinn

Emily Zinn spent her infancy in the back of a women's team van while the team built wheels around her. She spent part of her pre-teen years in Europe following the major European mountain, road and gravity races and touring cycling product factories. College was the first time she lived in a home without a frame building shop in her garage or basement. Her favorite style of riding is getting lost in singletrack trail networks and taking her time finding her way back.

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