Quick Look: Cycling T-shirts for the holidays

  • By Caley Fretz
  • Published Dec. 15, 2012

Crosshairs Cycling Rosie T-shirt >> $20

Rosie the Riveter puts down her rivet gun and picks up a ‘cross bike. Based on the iconic image representing the World War II-era female factory worker, Crosshairs Cycling created this shirt in honor of all the women out there who get up in the morning, strap on a helmet and put in a hard day’s work in the mud. The shirt is available in women’s-specific and unisex sizing and costs $19.95.

Stomach of Anger Floyd to the World T-shirt >> $24

The man who set off the biggest story of 2012 sat down with ABC’s Nightline in 2010 and gave us a hint of what was to come.

“If I’m taking on Lance Armstrong, then that should be evidence enough that there’s a problem with the system, because I’m saying it — a bunch of people did it,” Landis said. “Look. At some point, people have to tell their kids that Santa Claus isn’t real. I hate to be the guy to do it, but it’s just not real.” — Floyd Landis

Stomach of Anger commemorates that moment.

Handlebar Mustache Hello T-Shirt >> $26

Hello, is it this T-shirt you’re looking for? Lionel Richie, in a helmet, spouting the opener to his famous line. What’s not to like?

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