Rasmussen retreats on Rabobank 2007 Tour statements

  • By Andrew Hood
  • Published Nov. 5, 2013
Michael Rasmussen claimed that "100 percent" of Rabobank's 2007 Tour de France team was doping. Photo: Graham Watson |

Michael Rasmussen has retreated from explosive comments he made to Danish television that he suggested that “100 percent” of Rabobank’s 2007 Tour de France squad was doped.

Rasmussen’s claims were met with incredulity from three-time world champion Óscar Freire, who challenged the veracity of the Dane’s statements, threatening to sue.

Freire, who retired last year, had never been linked to a doping scandal throughout his career. On Monday, he challenged Rasmussen to publicly apologize. Rasmussen did just that, telling Spain’s EFE wire service he never saw anything suspicious with Freire.

“I never saw Freire doping. And not (Juan Antonio) Flecha, either,” Rasmussen said. “It was a mistake to say that all the Rabobank riders took doping products. I don’t mention either of them in my book. I regret the speculation and accusations that resulted in the Spanish media.”

Rasmussen made his claims in an interview with Danish television to promote a new book, Yellow Fever.

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Andrew Hood

Andrew Hood

Andrew Hood cut his journalistic teeth at Colorado dailies before the web boom opened the door to European cycling in the mid-1990s. Hood has covered every Tour de France since 1996 and has been VeloNews' European correspondent since 2002.

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