The Week in Tech: Skratch and Fizik support charities, new Silca and Richey gear

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  • Published Jul. 25, 2014

Fizik and UnitedHealthcare cycling are auctioning off limited edition saddles like this one to benefit the UHC Children’s Foundation.

This Skratch Labs jersey is now up for auction, with all proceeds going to Timmy Duggan’s Just Go Harder Foundation.

Skratch Rescue mix is sold in individual packets to aid in rehydrating you after workouts.

Skratch launches Rescue mix, supports charity

In the heat of summer, Skratch Labs has announced its Rescue hydration mix. The new mix is designed to be used at any time you are feeling dehydrated. It is only sold in single-serve packets that sell for $1.95 each.

Each packet packs a huge helping of sodium — over twice as much as Skratch’s Exercise mix and over five times the amount of potassium. During exercise, Skratch Rescue’s 3:1 sodium-to-potassium ratio would be too much potassium, so Skratch recommends that you continue using Exercise mix during activities, with its 6:1 sodium-to-potassium ratio.

Skratch also has a couple of charity auctions on The Pro’s Closet. An autographed Skratch jersey touts over twenty signatures from pro men who competed in the Tour of California. Also on auction, an 18” tall Skratch Labs special Kid Robot Munny doll with signatures from some of the top women who competed in the women’s Tour of California. All proceeds from the jersey benefit the Just Go Harder foundation, and proceeds from the Kid Robot doll benefit the Women’s Cycling Association.

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Limited-edition Fizik saddles auctioned to benefit UHC Children’s Foundation

UnitedHealthcare pro cycling team and saddle sponsor Fizik are teaming up to raise money for the UnitedHealthcare Children’s Foundation. Starting Sunday, July 27, auctions on eight limited-edition saddles will go live on UnitedHealthcare’s team website.

The saddles are all different spins on team UHC’s blue and white colors, but with some specialty leathers that make these saddles unique.

All proceeds from the auctions will benefit the non-profit UHC Children’s Foundation. The foundation gives grants to children whose medical conditions are not fully covered by parents’ insurance plans.


New Silca Hiro locking presta chuck

Silca pumps has had a crazy year. Until last year, Silca had been owned by the same family since its inception in 1917. Then, the brand was sold to Josh Poertner, formerly of Zipp.

Now, Silca is developing several new products, including this locking chuck, the Hiro. The Hiro, which is made in the USA, is designed to be controlled by one hand with its side-mounted locking lever. It’s designed to work easily with disc wheels, though I look forward to using it on my Craftsman electric inflator this cyclocross season.

The Hiro chuck sports a 25-year warranty and has a replaceable gasket, which is already for sale by Silca. With a price tag of $110, the Hiro is probably more expensive than most peoples’ pumps, but it’s likely to outlast them.


Ritchey relaunches the Bullmoose bar

If you search the phrase “Ritchey Bullmoose,” you’ll get a lot of photos of one-piece mountain bike bars and stems from more than 30 years ago. Back in the day, Ritchey’s Bullmoose cockpit was standard equipment on many brands in the mountain bike world. The one-piece design meant no slipping bars.

Now, Ritchey is reintroducing the Bullmoose, but in a carbon WCS version. It will retail for $300 and be available in five variations, a 70mm stem with 720mm bars, an 80mm with 730mm bars, and 90mm, 100mm, and 110mm all with 740mm-wide bars.

The Bullmoose is expected to be available later this year.

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