Amy D. Racing program seeks a rider to carry on Dombroski’s legacy

  • By Addie Levinsky
  • Published Jul. 15, 2014
Amy Dombroski was a rising star in the cyclocross community before her life was unexpectedly cut short in 2013. Photo: BrakeThrough Media |

DENVER, Colorado (VN) – The Amy D. Foundation, a nonprofit organization created in honor of the late pro cyclist Amy Alison Dombroski, is introducing an elite race program for the 2014-2015 cyclocross season.

Dombroski passed away in 2013 after a tragic accident while training in Belgium. The Amy D. Foundation was created shortly after her passing, with the mission to, “encourage and support young women through cycling, inspiring the celebration of healthy challenge and empowering the confident pursuit of lofty dreams.”

Echoing this statement, the foundation’s racing program will facilitate the growth of elite-level women’s racing, while celebrating Amy’s life and the wonderful impact she left on the cycling community.

The Amy D. Racing program, along with Raleigh-Clement, will provide comprehensive sponsorship for one selected female rider over the age of 18 for the full domestic UCI cyclocross calendar. The sponsorship will be awarded to, “a talented and driven woman that exhibits character and values consistent with those that Amy displayed.”

Johs. Huseby from Clement Cycling told VeloNews, “The goal of the Amy D. Racing program is to follow in the spirit of what Amy stood for and what the foundation goes on to support. The Amy D. Foundation is all about supporting young, aspiring female cyclists with a passion and drive to get to the top.”

Applications for the Amy D. Racing program are due by July 22, 2014 and a copy of the application can be found here. The athlete will be selected by August 5, 2014.

To read more about the Amy D. Foundation and the Amy D. Racing program please visit

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Addie Levinsky

Addie Levinsky

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