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Technical FAQ: Installing Campagnolo cassettes

This Campy cog is correctly lined up on a Mavic freehub. Note that the step adjacent the lone narrow tab (at the top, under the “16A” and “CAMPAGNOLO” stamps) is sitting atop the single low rail on the freehub body. Unlike the other freehub bodies in this gallery, which are aluminum, Mavic’s freehub is steel. Steel is stronger but has three times the density of aluminum. In order to keep weight low, Mavic made its shell thin, and it only put thin rails on it to engage the cogs, rather than the thick ones used on aluminum freehub bodies. This leaves wide, open valleys on the freehub that allow four different positions in which the cog can be improperly installed (any one of which loads all of the driving force onto a single tab).  Photo: Lennard Zinn |