Tour riders now allowed to room alone

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  • Published Mar. 4, 2016
Tour de France riders may find themselves more relaxed out on the road this July—shared hotel rooms will no longer be mandatory at the race. Photo: Tim De Waele |

PARIS (AFP) — Riders will be allowed to have their own single rooms in certain hotels at this year’s Tour de France, organizer ASO said Friday.

Previously, Tour rules stated that all but one rider per nine-man team must share a room with a team-mate.

“We’ve taken into account a request from the International Riders’ Association (CPA) and we’ve done our best to acquiesce as much as possible to their expectations,” Tour director Thierry Gouvenou told AFP.

Last year, many riders complained about the level of comfort offered in certain hotels.

There will be around 50 hotels — distributed equally — that offer the possibility to the 22 participating teams to have single rooms.

The previous rule took into account the high demand for accommodation in host towns on the Tour route, not only from the teams but from organizers, media, sponsors, and fans as well.

This year’s Tour begins on July 2 at Mont-Saint-Michel and finishes on the Champs-Elysees in Paris on July 24.


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